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The hands express the creativity of the people.

In them the integral role in the evolution and the different manifestations of human intelligence and culture, must be recognized. These are signs of the mastery and communication that humans has with its environment and how it shapes its reality in its daily life.

Hands are, in fact, the primary tool with which human cultures have been transforming their environment: they are an expression of their technique, they represent their dreams and aspirations through thousand forms of art of the inhabitants of a territory. Hands not only invent, they transform reality. They imagine the reality of space, matter and time, create binding objects, give them life and tell us stories.


Aldea is synonymous of community.

We are a marketer that seeks to be a bridge to promote fair trade for the artisans of México.

We are motivated to directly support producers so that creation remains, that culture is strengthened and the economy of craft-producing communities is activated.

We want to be part of the story of each of the pieces we promote, that together we ensure that each one of them tells its own narrative, from its origin to its arrival at its new home.